Eventually, all walls end up with knicks and dents from everyday life. No matter how hard you try to keep everything looking pristine, you are bound to bump into them every once and a while. These small holes add up over time. Not only does this decrease the look and appearance of your home, but it eventually diminishes the resale value as well. You may already know that repainting your house is the cheapest way to increase your resale value. It is also the cheapest way to refresh your home and have it feel brand new again. You must be wondering by now, do professional painters repair blemishes in walls? 

Most companies will offer complimentary mudding (the patching and filling of smaller holes). However, lower-end companies may only have skills in painting. This does not necessarily mean that it costs more to get these holes filled, but it does mean that paying for a more experienced (and yes sometimes more expensive) painting contractor will provide a better quality service. What is important is that you do some research on your local companies to see which ones are able to provide the services you need and also exceed your expectations. 

Always check reviews and ask for references!

Holes and Dents, and Peeling Tape

Smaller holes and dents are the easiest wall repairs to do. These typically take the least amount of time. Usually, these services are provided in a paint job by contractors. However, if your walls are covered in these small holes, they start to add up. There may be an additional charge for labor. 

For medium and larger holes there may be additional costs depending on the contractor. These holes (anything over 2” in diameter) may not be covered in the cost of painting. Patching holes of this size usually requires drywall tape and up to a 24-hour drying period. For even larger holes, you may have to hire a drywall crew. Not all painters are skilled with drywall, or would even want to do it. This is why it is important to find a painter who can tackle your specific project. If you want your walls to look picture-perfect again, then make sure you are able to find a contractor who is competent with drywall. 

Peeling tape is common in houses that were built using paper drywall tape. The tape can peel over time if it was not applied properly. This can even be the case with newer houses. 

You could hire a drywall company to patch your walls, but this can be very expensive. Drywall companies typically specialize in whole-house projects. Smaller jobs cost more money since they usually provide bulk discounts to their preferred jobs. 

Water Damage

Leaks as annoying as they can be, happen. Chances are, you have already hired a company to fix the source of the leak. Unfortunately, most plumbers and roofers will not repair the damage to your walls and ceilings that these leaks have caused. 

For significant damage, your best bet is to hire a restoration company. These companies specialize in water damage and are able to repair not only walls but framing, flooring, and painting. For slightly smaller leaks affecting large areas of your walls or ceiling, you may want to hire a drywall company to repair it. 

Skilled painters will be able to patch smaller areas of drywall. Usually nothing more than a 5×5’ area. They are also able to cover stains with special stain-blocking primers. If your drywall is still in decent shape, but stained, this will be your best bet. 

Whole Drywall Sections

There are certain cases where you may need to replace whole sections of drywall. Sometimes this is an entire wall, room, or house. Typically painters will not replace this amount of drywall and you will need to find a drywall contractor.

Textured Walls and Ceilings

Some painters specialize in textured walls and ceilings. There are so many types and applications of texture out there that some painters opt to let other companies replace it for them. Basically, not all painters will, but some can. Painters who repair wall texture will most likely offer to remove some as well.

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