If you live in a house built before 1978, there’s a possibility that it was painted with lead-based paint. While lead-based paint poses health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women, it can be safely painted over and handled by a certified painting contractor. In this article, we will emphasize the importance of hiring a certified painting contractor to paint over lead-based paint, highlighting the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and explaining the penalties for handling lead without the required license.

Understanding the Risks of Lead-Based Paint

Lead-based paint, commonly used before its ban in residential applications, poses health risks when it deteriorates, peels, or is disturbed during renovation or painting projects. Lead-based paint will have a distinct blueish/grayish mark when it peels from siding.

Why Hiring A Licensed and Certified Painting Company is Vital for Lead-Based Paint Projects

The ingestion or inhalation of lead dust or particles can lead to lead poisoning, which can cause severe health issues, especially in children so it’s no wonder why homeowners and property managers need to take into consideration the hazard of lead-based paint when looking for a painter.

Why Certified Contractors Are Essential 

  1. Compliance with EPA Regulations: The EPA established regulations, known as the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule, to protect individuals from lead exposure during painting or renovation activities in houses built before 1978. Certified contractors undergo specific training and obtain the required licenses to adhere to these guidelines, ensuring the safe handling of lead-based paint. These contractors understand the risks posed by lead-based paint, and know how to protect not only your family or residents but also their neighbors if the property being worked on is in a more urban environment.
  1. Proper Assessment and Testing: Certified contractors possess the knowledge and skills to assess the presence of lead-based paint in your home accurately. They can conduct lead testing, often through EPA-approved test kits, and use specialized equipment to identify areas that require attention, allowing for proper planning and execution of the painting project.
  2. Safe Containment and Removal: Certified contractors follow strict containment practices to minimize the spread of lead dust and debris during painting or renovation work. Because lead-based paint can become dusty during scraping and sanding, the particles can travel in the direction of wind to your next-door neighbor. Trained contractors employ techniques such as wet scraping, wet sanding, enclosed tarping, and HEPA vacuuming to prevent the release of lead particles into the environment, ensuring a safer working environment and protecting your family’s health as well as the health of neighbors.
  3. Compliance with Work Standards: Certified contractors are trained to follow specific work standards established by the EPA. They are well-versed in lead-safe work practices, including proper personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, dust control measures, and waste disposal methods. This expertise guarantees that your painting project is conducted safely and in compliance with regulations.
  4. Liability and Insurance Coverage: By hiring a certified painting contractor, you protect yourself from potential liability in case of accidents or lead exposure during the project. Certified contractors typically carry liability insurance that covers damages or injuries related to lead-based paint handling, providing you with peace of mind throughout the process.

Penalties for Noncompliance

Handling lead-based paint without the appropriate license can result in severe penalties. The EPA takes lead safety regulations seriously and actively monitors and enforces compliance.

Here are potential penalties for noncompliance:

  1. Civil Penalties: Violations of the RRP rule can result in civil penalties of up to $37,500 per violation, per day. These penalties can quickly accumulate, posing a significant financial burden on individuals or businesses found in violation.
  2. Legal Consequences: Noncompliance with EPA regulations can lead to legal action, including lawsuits filed by affected individuals or entities. Legal disputes can result in significant financial losses, damage to reputation, and potential loss of business opportunities.
  3. Health Risks and Remediation Costs: Failure to hire a certified contractor may result in inadequate containment measures and lead exposure, leading to health issues for you and your family. Addressing the health consequences and remediation costs can be expensive and emotionally distressing.


When it comes to dealing with lead-based paint in your home, hiring a certified contractor is of utmost importance. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and licenses necessary to handle lead safely, protecting your family’s health and ensuring compliance with EPA regulations. By entrusting the painting project to a certified contractor, you gain peace of mind, knowing that the work will be conducted in a manner that minimizes lead exposure and prevents potential penalties. Always prioritize the safety of your loved ones and consult with certified contractors who are experienced in handling lead-based paint.

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